Friday, July 03, 2009

Sarah Palin to Resign?

Apparently Sarah Palin has given two weeks notice in her current job as governor of Alaska. It's all about money.

Sarah couldn't win a national race for dogcatcher, but she has enough (dimwitted) fervent conservative followers to make her a very rich woman. In true republican tradition, she will max out on speaking fees until everyone realizes she's a no-show. We'll be seeing a lot of her on Faux News, mostly shilling for her next appearance in Dodo Land.

I have to confess I'm still a republican; I just can't find any republican candidates who I like. So, it's not that Sarah's a republican that I mock her; it's because she purports to be a republican when she's really a dodo. Republicans are educated and smart, or at least they used to be.

Maybe Sarah maybe thinks she can be president if the entire South secedes. But, I doubt it. When it comes to politics, she's a baby compared to those grizzed old southern racist non-veteran politicians. But, she's a babe, no doubt.


Life Hiker said...

Now I'm hearing about her home on the it maybe got built by others who she helped get lucrative contracts.

The resignation may still be "all about money". Just not the money I speculated about.

Ron Davison said...

She got a $7 million advance on her book.
You, the Rebublican who has no candidate to support, ought to read Jonathon Chait (Chiat?)'s The Great Con. It narrates how the GOP was hijacked. It is kind of a sad tale but one that - if understood - could help bring back a party you could vote for.