Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama Boots It, in Public

I tuned in to watch Obama's press conference on health care the other night. Although he can be a bit wordy, I thought he did a pretty good job of making his case on heath care. Of course, I'm an easy audience since I'm already convinced.

Then came the question involving professor Gates. Obama started his answer with two appropriate comments: first, that Gates is a friend of his; and second, that Obama does not know all the facts. Then, Obama boots it! Even though he had already stated he didn't know all the facts, he said the police officer "acted stupidly". This was an out and out "guilty" judgment, handed out by the president of the United States. Not a good idea at all.

Obama has been extremely diplomatic and non-reactive in so many situations, but he failed in this one. It cannot help but hurt him.


Emily said...

yeah, he blew it big time

Ron Davison said...

Hard to be objective with friends. Plus I think it is obvious that in the black community this kind of thing hits a nerve - as evidenced by the professor's and the president's reaction.