Monday, July 27, 2009

Go, Michael Vick!

He did the crime, he did the time. In America, when you get out of jail, you get to start anew. I suppose it makes sense for his former employer, the NFL, to put some oversight on him in order to avoid further embarassment, but Michael Vick deserves a second chance.

I just heard some sweet ladies comment to CNN that Michael's deeds make him forever a pariah in their minds. They think he should forever sweep streets, clean toilets, or some such thing because his crime was so heinous. Must be PETA members...

Michael Vick came from nowhere and was treated like a GOD who could do no wrong, whose wishes would all be fulfilled by his sycophants, and who earned a king's ransom for running and throwing a football. We forgot that he came from nowhere, where dogfighting is a manly sport. But he didn't forget, and he did what came naturally. Now he's paid the price, a very big price. It's time to see if he can remake himself and again do well in a very challenging occupation.

Go, Michael Vick! If you can become just an average guy, that would be a victory.

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