Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mayors, Rabbi's, and Low Politicians: Criminals!

It's not just Wall St. MBA's and attorneys who are willing to sell their souls for lot of bucks. It's Joey, David, Sally, and Mike, too - people who live just down the street and enjoy positions of local authority. These are among the 44 (so far) folks rolled up in the latest New Jersey & New York corruption bust. If convicted, they should join Madoff in federal prison for a long stay.

I'm sick of the immorality, the absent ethics, and the chutzpah of people like these clowns. They are not people who came from the lawless slums; they are people who understand exactly the risks they are taking and who they are defrauding. Put the guilty in the slammer and throw the key away!

Violent crime is scary and so painful, but white collar crime attacks the code which educated and "civilized" people are expected to live by, the underlying fabric of our society. It's time to ramp up the sentences and public condemnation for crimes committed by the privileged.

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