Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Domestic Policy Adviser Models Theft Paradyme

Well, the latest in the Bush administration's unbelievable series of mishaps - the one immediately following the Dubai Ports debacle - has the recently resigned domestic policy adviser running a fraudulent returns scheme at Target while employed at the White House. It appears the man had a rather unusual vision of "free enterprise"...returning items that you did not purchase makes them "free"! This story appeared and disappeared in a day or two, which seems to indicate that affirmative action was somehow involved in its rapid demise.

This story had a wonderful twist to it, one that you would think would give it legs. Apparently the not-too-bright thief had been previously nominated by President Bush to be a federal judge. To be fair then, we might consider that he, facing the end of the administration in 2009, was again dreaming of a judgeship reward for his service - and getting "inside the criminal mind" as preparation for this appointment. Makes sense, doesn't it? About as much sense as Bush's explanations for everything else he's goofed up.

This has got to be one of the saddest funny stories of the year. You have to laugh at the bungling, but you have to cry about the White House employing such a pathetic figure. Maybe the high cost of living in Washington tapped out his paltry government salary and forced him to a life of crime. If so, it's not his fault. Certainly there are mitigating circumstances that will soon surface! On the other hand, maybe what will surface are new facts more complementary with the character flaws we already know about. It's a mystery sure to unfold if the media does its job.

As my favorite old boss once said, "The most important decisions you make are about the people you hire." Wish he had spent some time counseling the President...

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