Friday, March 24, 2006

Dems Lost in a Fog

It's amazing, but true. Bush's polls are at 35% but the Democrats got no message. They're hopping on him for his multitude of mistakes, but they've got no platform of their own. It seems to me that they've got no sense and no guts...they just make a lot of noise. They need to do better in order to be credible.

Suggestions for the "dense" Democrats:
- Say you can't live with radical Islam and will do everything necessary to stamp it out.
- Say you will stop illegal immigration by whatever it takes, but you will have a guest worker program that allows legal guest workers to go through a naturalization process with teeth.
- Say that underachieving Americans (read "inner city blacks" and "poor rural whites") need to start taking advantage of their educational opportunities or face Federal requirements which force compliance.
- Say that we will leave Iraq by a date certain if they gain control of congress.
- Fuggetabout trying to save $67/hour unskilled union jobs...they're history!

Or, say other stuff! Whatever! Just put it out there and stick by it. Bush may be stupid, but he's consistent. You may be smart, but so was Kerry. Get it together, you wacky libs! Until you do, you're lost in the fog.

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