Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bush: Right on Immigrants, Wrong Everywhere Else

I've got to give our hapless president a pat on the back for his consistent support of a guest worker plan coupled with increased border security. The Mexican cats, over 11 million of them, are completely out of the bag and indispensible to our economy. Criminalizing them, and those who support them, is a silliness that makes sense only to Bill Frist and the other right wing wackos in congress. Thank you, President Bush, for being right. I just wish you had enough clout and credibility to lead your lawmaking Republican friends down the right path...but I'm not optimistic about that.

Now the bad news. G.W. Bush has made an historic miscalculation in Iraq, blown the budget, not fixed Medicare, Social Security, or the Tax Code, has stonewalled on global warming, has failed to address our fatal addiction to oil, and has favored blind religion over science. No telling what he's capable of during the next three years, but he sure could use some help.

Time for a wholesale turnover of GWB's cabinet and time to get on the right side of all the big issues! Screw the political hacks of the ultra-right! They're as much to blame as GWB for much of the mess we're in. There are plenty of bright Republicans out there who would join up if asked, and a Democrat congress will probably work with him and some smart people to fix the big problems. You got to have hope during a dark and stormy night!

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