Sunday, August 23, 2009

Late Summer Vegetables

Upstate New York has a great climage for growing things. Not far from where I live are orchards that produce more apples than any state except Washingon. South and east of my home are miles and miles of lovely hillside and lakeside vinyards that produce a wide variety of wines, some of them quite good. We have a warm sun, cooler evening temperatures, and plenty of rain. But it's the vegetables I'm thinking of tonight.

What's for dinner and dessert? Within a short distance I can find roadside stands selling fabulous local produce at reasonable prices. One such stand is at a small farm about one mile from here. Sweet corn, beautiful big tomatoes, zuccini, cucumbers, green peppers, acorn squash, blueberries, red raspberries ( pick your own, anyone?), peaches, plums, and melons. How about a dozen fresh eggs from the henhouse for $3.00, or homemade peach or raspberry jam? As bonuses you can pet a beautiful old female german shepherd who longs for your touch, or Mrs. Munz will give you some tips on how to best prepare the veggies you just bought.

It's a short season here, but glorious. For a couple months Good Witch and I can't wait to get to the dinner table. It's hard to find room for a small piece of meat on the plate, with all the various veggies competing for space. Plus, I can eat all I want and the needle on the bathroom scale moves in the right direction.

Tonight's hit was fresh tomato slices sprinkled with Italian dressing, crumbly blue cheese, and salt & pepper. Oh, my!


ThomasLB said...

There's always something more special about eating something you've grown yourself.

Lifehiker said...

Growing things is something I've consistently failed at. But, I can cook things others have grown!