Sunday, August 09, 2009

An "Eisenhower Republican"

A reader recently asked why I'm still a republican, considering that I rant against the current bunch of republicans and their repugnant spokespersons. Frankly, I'd love to see the republicans come back, since they once stood for something. Here is my answer to the question.

I'm proud of my political roots. Believe it or not, republicans were once honorable. I'm what they call an "Eisenhower republican". In short, we're for fiscal responsibility, non-interventionism in foreign affairs, social moderation, and individual freedom.

Eisenhower republicans would insist on pay as you go budgets, would never have started Vietnam or Iraq War II, would support national health care in this new day and age, and are fine with whatever people do voluntarily as long as they don't directly hurt anyone else. If you recall, Eisenhower warned against the military-industrial complex as a threat to our democracy, and history has proved him right.

I may be dreaming, but I hope the moderate, thoughtful side of the party has a resurgence when these racist, phony-religionist, know-nothing republicans are finally and totally discredited.

Why don't I join the democrats? Well, they're in hock to some pretty disreputable interests. The big unions, in particular the teachers, public employees, and auto workers, have won concessions beyond reasonability and they have proven to be as selfish as robber barons during this economic downturn. The trial lawyers, another group of big contributors, have made a mockery of our justice system by resisting medical malpractice reform and penalties for frivolous lawsuits. And, the democrat's core consists of radicals in many areas - gay-lesbian-transexual, environmental, animal rights, you-name-it they got'em. Don't get me wrong, I'm for unions, lawyers, sexual freedom, animals, etc. - but, let's not be crazy. Ike was a moderate...all things in moderation. That was my advice to my children, and I stand by it.

If I had to choose between the current crop of so-called republicans, people who disdain education and espouse "Christian" hatred, and the democrats, kind-hearted but owned by the corrupt and the daffy, I suppose I'd choose the democrats and hold my nose. The country might be able to hold the democrats back, but the current republicans (influenced by "C Street") could possibly guillotine their opponents in the name of purity and thereby win out. I like my steak rare, but I'm against capital punishment. So there you have it.


Emily said...

you might just be an independent

Emily said...

you might just be an independent

Mike R said...

Even though I'm a generation or two behind you, I think Ike might be right. A friend of mine has similar views.
thanks for sharing your insights

Ron Davison said...

I hear you. At this point I think that it would take a generation for the Republicans to claim the spot I'm in, but it is not impossible. I do think that we need a simple, smaller government, more market alternative to the Democrats, but for now that menu item is within the Democratic Party.