Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Phone Call from the NRA

As I was dividing my time this afternoon between checking my pack (AT hike starts tomorrow morning) and watching the PGA Tour golf match, my phone rang. It was the NRA.

A lady, speaking urgently, announced that "all patriotic Americans need to listen to this message from the president of the NRA, concerning the most outrageous gun control legislation now going before congress."

I interrupted her. I told her that I was a veteran, once an army officer, and also a hunter. Then I told her that it was the NRA that was being outrageous in its opposition to gun control. I said that I had no interest in everyone being able to own an assault rifle. Then I signed off.

Owning guns has nothing to do with being patriotic. Owning guns is not a reasonable way to protect yourself. Owning guns will not save you from an over-reaching government. Owning guns is nothing that anyone should be getting phone calls about.

This morning's paper reported that two deputies were called to a disturbance at a private shooting range in Florida. Both deputies were shot dead by ex-soldier who was interested in militias and most likely an NRA member. The deputies were trying to arrest the man for beating up his wife a second time. Another "patriotic citizen"...

Here's the plain truth. The NRA is nothing more than a marketing agent for the gun manufacturers and a primary inciter of the wacko right wing. It is about money and politics, not patiotism. How many cops will be killed by "patriotic citizens" before people figure out that uncontrolled guns are a cancer on our country and the NRA is a primary cause?


Ron Davison said...

Good luck with the hike tomorrow!

The question is not when the NRA will change. It probably won't. The question is when they'll lose their influence over legislation.

Emily said...

Well said. Not everyone should have a gun. Especially not me, since I can't even throw a baseball in a straight line.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see guns and shooting treated the we treat cars and driving.

Everybody has the right to drive a car, but before they give you a license you have to prove that you understand the laws and and can safely operate one. The car itself is licensed, regularly inspected, and you have to have insurance in case you make a mistake.

I don't see why we can't do the same thing with firearms.