Thursday, February 05, 2009

NY Unions Emulate GM - State May Fail Soon

The public employee unions in New York are following in the footsteps of the UAW. In past years, when New York had plenty of money, these unions won virtually guaranteed employment, fat guaranteed pensions, and healthcare, to say nothing of salaries competitive with or better than private industry. And, New York has more state employees per capita than almost all other states. What a deal!

Now, when New York is on the verge of financial collapse and private industry is on its heels, the unions have a simple answer to the governor's request for some givebacks - "get lost!". Soon many of these selfish brats may be following the UAW's footsteps down the unemployment line, which may be the best gift our state could get from the recession.

Unions are great organizations when they fight for employee rights and correct injustices. However, once in power they become as self-centered and corrupt as those they were formed to fight. It's clear that "big labor" in New York feels the state exists for the benefit of public employees rather than the opposite. Consequently, our taxes are sky-high and industry has no incentive to locate in our state. People are moving south in droves to escape the high taxes caused largely by having too many state employees who make too much money.

It appears the only way for New York's government to regain control over its employees is to declare bankruptcy, just like GM is likely to do before long. This will allow the state to re-open all its labor contracts and pension obligations. A sad end for a storied labor movement that has outgrown its usefulness.

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