Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Musing

You know I'm a Christian. A liberal one, however. I believe that Jesus rose from the dead, but I don't think that God interferes much in creation. I don't pray for miracles for me or anyone else, but I do pray that I might be more like Jesus. I believe that Jesus left it in our hands to make the world better by loving God and our neighbor.

That said, what I've been wondering about lately is what God is doing in the rest of the universe. It's a big place, and lots could be happening there. It's hard to believe that God would have got all this going without having some sense that interesting things would happen in other places besides our little planet.

My Easter wish is that intelligent beings all over the universe agree that it's a good idea to say "Thank you" to the creator and have a special time where they re-commit to moving things along in a positive (Creation-forwarding) way. Hopefully, maximizing the potential of creation and avoiding destruction is a universal idea. So, Happy Easter, you extra-terrestrial beings!

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Ron Davison said...

maybe the rest of the universe is where God is setting up his real act of creation. We might just be the beta test product. Judging from how much unhappiness we manage to create for ourselves and each other, this actually makes sense. It might be nice to believe that a superior product with fewer bugs is being worked out elsewhere.

(Now why did you have to get me thinking like this?)