Friday, January 18, 2008


I've kept a very open mind about Hillary. I have always felt that Bill was a really good moderate republican president, and he always said she was the smarter one of the two. And, I think I've lost most of my sexist tendencies over the years after working with lot of very effective women. But lately she's been turning me off, for two reasons.

First, she's really waffling about where she stands on the big issues. Ask her a question about where she stands, she starts describing her opponents' stands and then trashes them. Press her to reveal her own position and she starts babbling about "bi-partisan commissions". That is not leadership, it's just waffling. Leaders give answers.

Second, Hillary's played the race card with Obama and she didn't condemn that BET idiot's comment about Obama's drug use. The presidency has nothing to do with race, and Obama has appeared to know this from the start. Whoever you are, you've got to be president of all the people and show favoritism to none, even those who share your own background. Besides, I'm not sure what race Obama is, anyway. But Hillary let race talk get started,and she showed no class at all when she got caught.

My favorite presidents all put their cards on the table. In the last 100 years, TR, Franklin Roosevelt, and Truman stand out as real leaders. Bill Clinton had potential but his hormones did him in, probably later than he deserved. Most of the rest were OK, and our current bonehead will be remembered only for his monumental mistakes. Hillary may be smart, but she's not forthcoming enough to be classified as a leader. She may be just a policy wonk and back room bargainer.

I still wish Bloomberg would enter the race and force both the democrats and the republicans to show their cards on the big issues. None of the current candidates are really telling it like it is with respect to where America is and where it needs to go. At one time I thought Hillary might have what it takes, despite all the baggage she drags behind her and the hatred so many brainwashed conservatives will never let go of. Now I'm not so sure I'd even consider her.


Dave said...

The only time a candidate will take a public stand on a big issue is when he or she is forced to. We, the voters, don't force them (though I'm not sure how we would) and they are going to spout platitudes to election day(s).

ThomasLB said...

She's a DINO (Democrat In Name Only). Her voting record is solidly Republican.

She is one of several candidates running this time who see winning the presidency as an end unto itself; they don't really have a specific agenda or list of things they want to accomplish, they just think it would be kind of cool to be The President.

Ron Davison said...

I guess for me, it's the lesser of evils. I don't even expect to get the country to where I'd like to see it, but I can try to steer it in that general direction. When intelligent, caring people are apolitical, stupid, insenstive people just get more influence over the process, and they already (it seems to me) have too much.