Saturday, January 12, 2008


It's a classic. It's beautifully filmed, has a luscious musical score, the cast and acting are first rate, and there's at least a couple worthwhile morals to the story. Oh, I almost forgot - she's hot! Juliette Binoche, I mean. And the Good Witch thinks the young Johnny Depp is worth watching, too.

We saved "Chocolat" from HBO-HD on our DVR the other night and just got around to watching it - again. If you've never seen it, do yourself a favor and find the DVD somewhere. If you have seen it before, I promise you will get into it even more the second time.

I'll just let it cool awhile before I enjoy the taste of "Chocolat" once again.


Ron Davison said...

Binoche - sounds like a fabulous French pastry, looks like the kind of woman who could cause SAT scores to plummet in an auditorium full of 18 year olds. (But I deserve a re-do on this test! My test administrator lowered my IQ!)

Lifehiker said...

Binoche is definitely a fabulous French pastry who should raise the blood pressure of any guy over the age of puberty!

Judy Dench has a wonderful role as well, and the movie also features Carrie Ann Moss, later seen in

"Chocolat" skewers the version of religion that is all about preserving "form" and the status quo. The heroine, while not religious in a formal sense, is the only one who really acts in concert with what many of us believe religion is all about.

In the end, even she gives up the one idea that has possessed her for years in favor of being with the people she loves. Poignant.

Dave said...

I saw it for the first time about a month ago. All you say is true.

Lifehiker said...

The Good Witch remembered that Carrie Ann Moss was the heroine in "The Matrix" and sequels, which I also enjoyed mostly for the incredible special effects.