Friday, July 13, 2007

McCain is History - Whew!

John McCain is virtually out of money and definitely has one foot out of the race. I have mixed emotions, but in the end I have to be happy about it.

Once upon a time I felt good about McCain. Remember McCain-Feingold and McCain's outspoken comments on major topics like immigration? He seemed to have the spunk and independence to tell it like it is and get the American people and even the congress on board with reform in major areas. Then came the Iraq war.

McCain never did figure out that attacking Iraq was not part of a war on terror. However, the American people have finally concluded that was the case. McCain's initial support of that war, and his continuing call for a military victory there, has destroyed his candidacy for president.

Now I'm happy he is history. His Iraq statements tell us more than enough about his qualifications to be president. We can do much better.


ThomasLB said...

There was a time I could have supported McCain. There were two things that turned me against him: the way he snuggled up with Bush, and that bizarre trip to a Baghdad market when he put on a bullet-proof jacket, rode in an armored vehicle, surrounded himslf with helicopters and assault troops, and declared that everything was A-OK.

He chose Bush-speak over straight talk in the first one, and showed a pitiful inability to grasp the obvious in the second.

Dave said...

So, what are your thoughts on who should be supported? I'm clueless. I keep hoping that Guilinani will become what I hoped he might be. I've stopped holding my breath. While I had a brief moment of enamoration with Obama, I made the mistake of reading what he want to do with no clue, on his part of what it would cost.

If you say Hilary, I'm not reading you again. That's a lie.

Ron Davison said...

I guess McCain was destined to fail. He seemed to have more adminration than support. (I count myself in that camp. He really does seem brave and unselfconscious. But I don't agree with most of his policies.) His refusal to come to terms with the situation in Iraq was the final straw. I don't know if he's trying to work through some issues left over from Vietnam or if he's really game to stay at it another 30 years or what - I just know that he was hopelessly out of touch on this issue. Sad way for a great career to end.