Saturday, July 14, 2007

Is it Bloomberg?

Someone asked who I would back for president in the 2008 election. Frankly, none of the current candidates, with the possible exception of Ron Paul, give me much to hope for. The other republicans are hopeless (the "debates" are clear on that), and the democrats aren't even talking about the real issues other than immigration and the Iraq war.

Our next president will need the independence and courage to put the true "state of the nation" on the table, and then offer some strategies to get our country financially strong again. The fact is that we are going broke, and some day in the not too distant future we will not be able to afford our military or our big entitlement programs. Bloomberg understands this better than anyone, and he's not afraid to stand up because he's got the bucks and doesn't need anyone else.

The democrats can't deal with the entitlements, and the republicans are out of touch with American culture. Maybe it's time for an independent.


ThomasLB said...

Have you considered Pat Paulsen? (I know he's dead, but still, we could do worse.)

Woozie said...

^ A zombie for president? I'm listening...