Tuesday, May 08, 2007

On the Trail Again!

I've enjoyed reading my blogger friend's posts this past week while I spent most of my time playing with my children and grandchildren. And since getting home three days ago I've been frantically completing my three sets of non-profit financial statements and getting my pack organized for my next foray on the Appalachian Trail which begins today.

It will take me 15 days to walk from Vernon, NJ, to North Adams, MA, which is about 235 miles. That is, unless I do something stupid or a Hurricane comes roaring up the eastern seaboard. Perhaps there will be a library computer along the way, so I may be able to post while I walk, walk, walk. Once at my destination I will have only two more May hikes before I reach Mount Katadin in northern Maine and finally get to stop this nonsense after 2,180 miles.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, Trent Lott is talking about "progress needs to be made before September or we'll have to talk about Plan B". Come on, Senator Lott. How about "Plan H"? I feel so bad for the soldiers who are now being mobilized to continue the insanity in Iraq. President Bush is a sad character, but I can't feel sorry for him when he's killing people in a hapless foray to save a lost cause.

Keep up the good work, fellow bloggers! I look forward to catching up with you upon my return from the forest.

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Woozie said...

New Jersey to Maine? *Whistle*