Thursday, May 24, 2007

Let Bush Fail on His Own Terms

It seems like President Bush is speaking at a military facility just about every other day at this graduation time of year. Yesterday it was the Coast Guard Academy, I believe. The venue may change from friendly place to friendly place, but the message never changes: "We've got to fight them there or they'll follow us to our homes", and "Your children are at risk!". Meanwhile, the surge goes on, lots of GI's and Iraqi's are killed each week, and the Iraqi government sits on its hands. What to do?

I say, let him go. He's veto-proof in congress and he's committed to his stupid strategy and dumb-ass explanations for why we're still in Iraq. We've already spent a fortune on this misguided adventure, so what's a little more to prove it was a dumb idea beyond a shadow of a doubt? September will be here before we know it, and nothing will have changed. At that point even the republicans in congress will be looking for a way out and trying to figure out how to explain three years of unqualified support for this nitwit. Then we get out for good and leave Iraq to the Iraqi's. Hundreds more GI's will die or be seriously wounded while all this plays out, but there's no way to avoid it.

In my view a democrat cut-off of war funding would be foolish at this point. It would give Bush and all the republicans the "out" they so desperately need. So, let them fail on their own terms, then pick up the pieces and go on. The neocons need to be shelved for a long time, and this may just be the best way to make that happen.

Onward, George! The lemmings are still behind you! Don't worry about that cliff called September, "Plan J" will certainly make you the hero you've dreamed of for so long...


Dave said...

The cliff doesn't come into the picture in September. The GOP and the Dems are riding this out. Neither side can figure out where their respective bread is buttered, in the meantime, kids are dying.

ThomasLB said...

You're giving Bush more power than he really has.

Democrats should have stood their ground (IMHO). If he wants funding, make him accept a withdrawal date. His choice, if the Democrats were serious about ending the war, should have been between Some and None.

I'm afraid what the Democrats are doing is keeping an unpopular Republican war raging at least until the 2008 presidential elections. Their best issue- maybe their only issue- is "We're not quite as bad as them."

Ron Davison said...

It's true that we all live the consequence of our own choices and actions. It's also true that a world lives the consequences of the choices and actions of its world leaders.

1138 said...

"You're giving Bush more power than he really has. "

You;re giving Democrats in Congress more power than they have.

Any bill written by congress must me signed by that man, Mr. Bush or if he veto's it the must be able to over ride it - and they can't.