Thursday, March 07, 2013

Just Another Crazy Day

OK.  Today started with Senator Rand Paul going after President Obama, demanding that he clearly state that he would not use drones to kill non-combatant Americans in the U.S.  Duh!  Senators Graham and McCain chastised Paul for raising such a stupid issue; it would be "murder", after all.  This is further confirmation that Rand and his father, Ron, must have lived where there was some sort of funny stuff in the water.  Saying that, I give  both of them an excuse for positions that, in a totally healthy person, would be considered insane.

To top off my day, a good conservative friend forwarded me an email purporting to quote a very derogatory editorial about President Obama that was published in the liberal Washington Post.  The email pointed out that even the WP had come to its senses about Obama's non-fitness for the job.  The piece contended that Obama got all his educational opportunities through affirmative action, that he did not have any experience worthy of being a president, and that his associations with his former pastor and Bill Ayers were proof he was a socialist or worse - all of these being "warmed-over" accusations from the 2008 election.  Trouble was, the editorial WAS NEVER IN THE WASHINGTON POST; it was a screed from a right wing web site.  Several of my otherwise very bright conservative friends also bombard me with baloney like this, stuff that they get and forward without ever checking out.  You'd think that an editorial that seems too good to be true - a WP editorial trashing Obama - would get just a little scrutiny from these folks, but when you agree, it's easy to swallow something hook, line, and sinker.  Hitler used baloney like this to take over Germany, though, and that's why I will never overlook the repetition of a big lie.

Last, but in a more positive vein, it appears that President Obama's meetings with some congressional foes may pay off.  We need a big deal that addresses entitlements and the deficit, including some tax code reforms that target high income people.  Maybe, just maybe, we could be on track to get one.  Compared to how things looked two days ago, that would be crazy, too.

p.s. Watched, for a few minutes this afternoon, a TV program about a "militia" that believes the federal government has overstepped its constitutional authority.  The militia, which includes a lot of fat guys with guns of various sorts, is drilling and practicing a fake ambush.  I have two things to say about this.  First, we have a Supreme Court to decide what is constitutional and what isn't.  Second, if these yahoo's ever engaged in armed conflict with the U.S. government, I'd be perfectly happy if President Obama (or any other president) used drone missiles to blow them away.  Remember President Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion?  Same story.


Gail Wood said...

Frank, a very interesting post and I look forward to many more. I find writing a creative release from the troubles of my very small world.

thimscool said...

Fat guys with various guns and body armor of various sorts?

Do you mean like the brigades of morons that shut down Boston and the surrounding area for a day and called it a "lock down"?

All because of a single d-bag that may or may not have been involved in a bombing that killed three people?

So they send the fat guys with guns to shove them in the face of the families of Boston because "they too might be terrorists"! That's not GATTOTP because they were legitimate authorities shoving M4's in the face of little girls that might be terrorists! All of this would be better if we had observation cameras on every corner like in grand old England! And no guns too! We'd be better off if we never revolted!

Y'all stupid ass Yankee's need to wake the fuck up.

Linda Walker said...

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Liza said...

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