Friday, November 02, 2012

Great Sarcasm

I was trolling the internet today and came across this.  It's pretty great sarcasm, and I've got to admit it strikes a chord with me.  Just thought I'd pass it along for fun.

"Republicans top 10 issues this election .

1. Democrats have not yet paid off the huge national debt that Republicans have created.
2. Democrats have not yet stopped all the wars that Republicans started.
3. The poor have too much money
4. The rich do not have enough money
5. All Americans will soon have access to medical care
6. The President will not admit that he was born in Kenya
7. Women still have control over their own bodies
8. Only a quarter-billionaire like Romney can realllly understand the struggles of the middle class.
9. Democrats have not yet turned the United States into a fundamentalist controlled Christian Theocracy.
10. The President did not veto the law of supply and demand resulting in higher gas prices."


thimscool said...

Glad to see some action here and I like the list. I hope you're well and I look forward to hearing more from you.

Take care.

thimscool said...

Happy Thanksgiving!