Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Answer is: Massa's Nuts!

I gave my Rep. Massa the benefit of a few days to explain what happened in the three days between his decision not to run for health reasons to his abrupt resignation from the house of representatives.

Now it's clear that the guy I thought was a harbinger of America's new wave of politicians just lost his bearings, to be nice. It's not just about the "groping", which he attempted to explain in a rather bizarre way. Then, he refused to answer directly Larry King's question "Are you gay?", putting off the answer to his Navy brothers, several of which then dumped on him. Or, was his demise simply the work of Rahm Emmanuel? I suppose it doesn't matter, because Massa has already become just a funny footnote in the craziness of this year's political circus.

I feel bad for him. He could have enjoyed his nice Navy retirement with honor. Now, he'll be a laughingstock everywhere his name is known. Politics can do that for you!


thimscool said...

Is that why you won't saddle up, buttercup?

Dave K said...

How about this line from the Washington Monthly - "As for Massa, it didn't seem possible for his reputation to deteriorate further. And yet somehow, he managed to find a way." Wow. (

Speaking of Glenn Beck and in case you are interested, Sojourners is trying to send Beck a message that Christians believe in social justice. More HERE -