Saturday, January 30, 2010


We'd like to believe that people are rewarded for being good and punished for being bad. It's a foundational element of our American culture, even if in reality it has often not been true. Consequently, the idea that those responsible for many of America's current problems have not got their just desserts is grating on the rank and file. I share main street's angst.

I'm outraged that so many of those who enabled and operated the sub-prime mortgage industry are living well on their profits while the rest of us suffer, either without jobs or getting no interest on our savings.

I'm incredulous that George W. Bush and his cronies got off scot-free after starting a very expensive war for no good reason.

I don't understand why my tax dollars bailed out GM and its retirees, both of which lived large for many years on extravagant wages and benefits as the company's products deteriorated and its market dried up.

It irks me that some of America's largest institutions, including the fossil fuel consortium and the teacher/public employee unions, are successfully lobbying to head off progress toward 21st century paradymes in their sectors of the economy.

And, maybe most of all, I'm sick of the U.S. congress - both parties - for standing around bickering when so many national issues need attention. The situation makes me wonder if our form of government makes sense anymore.

What to do? Beats me! That's why it's so frustrating. Perhaps widespread public anger will result in some positive change. That's our only good hope.


Anonymous said...

I share your frustration. I keep looking/hoping/praying for a viable third-party to raise it's head.

thimscool said...

It would certainly be interesting if the peasants got their pitchforks, drove to the Hamptons, found some choice banksters, and asphyxiated them with rolls of dollar bills.

But really, that's why God made machine guns, right? To keep those filthy angry small minded people away from the folks that are doing His work.

It's the same as it ever was. We'll forget all about it in a few years.