Friday, June 12, 2009

The Killing Spree Gains Momentum

Right wing killers are having a field day. The election of a mixed race president has brought them out faster than a full moon awakens the werewolves! It's a devil's brew: uneducated, unsuccessful, resentful men; easily obtained guns; inciters everywhere - radio, "churches", social groups, and the web. Don't expect the killing to end anytime soon.

The inciters are the big problem. There's plenty of evidence these creatures are motivating the killers to pull the trigger. It doesn't take much, just a little daily push toward acting on hate. There's no need to be explicit, either. Code words that everyone understands work just fine. What's a few deaths when such talk keeps the ratings high?

Sooner or later we'll have another big killing spree. Maybe not an Oklahoma City massacre, maybe worse, who can tell? It will be ugly. Then the people and the government will come out in force. The inciters will be muzzled, the potential perpetrators rounded up, and everyone will be sad that nobody took action before the terrible crime happened.

How free must speech be? Maybe it's a little too free right now.

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Ron Davison said...

It is still worth remebering that one of the worst terrorist attacks was the Oklahoma City bombing by the kind of person you describe.