Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor

Who in their right mind could object to Sonia Sotomayor going onto the Supreme Court?

I read her bio and I heard her speak. She's another one of the brilliant ones who came out of nowhere, with great parental support, to rise to the top. Rush Limbaugh and Tom Tancredo, among others of the wacko right, have no standing to challenge her credentials. Her accomplishments speak for themselves.

I'm looking forward to the fight over her nomination. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the so-called (by themselves) republicans lose a few more percentage points of support, especially among Hispanics. A blue Florida is just a few untimely remarks away!

We needed another woman and a Hispanic on the court, which should reflect America. Another couple of women would be nice, down the road. But, for now, Sonia is a really good start. Go get'em, lady!

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