Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama Can Do It

I watched Obama's opening remarks in Costa Mesa tonight. Remarkable! He may end up being the president I was hoping for.

He takes responsibility. He explains complex issues in simple terms. He talks to average people like he's one of them. He doesn't spend much time blaming others for problems; instead, he focuses on solutions. He doesn't prey on people's fears. He conveys strength. And, no, he is not God. But he is very, very good.

He says he's got to do it all. Fix the economy, short term and long term. Modernize health care and make it available to all. Rationalize entitlements. Convert to clean, renewable energy. Et cetera. Some say you can't do all this at once. He says we have to do all this at once. I agree.

Today there was speculation that Obama may do a legislative end run around the republicans who talk about "working together" but spit on him every chance they get. Somebody called his tactic "Chicago politics". Well, maybe it's time somebody turned the tables. Play nice or get lost, republicans! That's fine with me.


unokhan said...

u must be someone who wasn't around for the clinton years, huh. enjoy yer youth!

Lifehiker said...

Actually, unokhan, I'm 64 and I remember many presidents.

Clinton, in my opinion, was an outstanding moderate republican president who just happened to have an overactive libido.

Go, Obama! Out-Clinton the Clinton!