Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Global Warming" Suspended in Rochester, NY!

Just when we Rochesterians were well on our way to the least snowy Oct/Nov/Dec in many years, Mother Nature decided to remind us about who is really in charge. So, I was forced to make the difficult transtion from a weekend in San Diego to a weekend at the southern reaches of the north pole, currently in Rochester.

It's times like this when I bow down and praise the guy who invented the snow blower! It truly saves a person from hours of back-breaking labor and the agony that follows.

On the other hand, the snow is beautiful and I don't mind the cold. As far as I know, the awful roads didn't cause any fatalities - only lots of fender-benders. We had nine calls at Pittsford Ambulance, and thankfully no major heart attacks when our ambulances were having much difficulty fighting through clogged traffic.

The skiiers are in heaven. You see, God provides for all of us at different times! Merry Christmas!


ThomasLB said...

Living in Texas I don't see snow very often, so it's always a pleasant surprise when we get some (provided I don't have to drive in it). I love the way it muffles all the sounds, and all the little bird tracks that show up around the feeder.

Merry Christmas to you, too!

ThomasLB said...
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Emily said...

i miss snow. enjoy it for me.

Ron Davison said...

Merry Christmas!

I'm glad that you got the proper special effects for celebrating. Our weather has been wonky since you've been here - we've had cold and wet, cold and clear, and clear and (almost) warm, beautiful days.

Bhuvan Chand said...

i really impress with you blog and plz keep writing for this blog. i also start collection of information about causes of global warming in my blog.

Dave said...

Tried to send you an Email holiday greeting; but, your address has disappeared into the innards of one or more of my machines. My holiday greeting is at my place, soon..