Monday, September 15, 2008

It's the Republicans, Stupid!

It boggles my mind that that the democrats are running against McCain by attempting to connect him with the failed presidency of George W. Bush. Personalizing the great divide between democrats and republicans is the wrong strategy. The right strategy is to focus on the "republican party" as the problem, because it is.

The sad state of America today is largely the result of policies that the republican party has adoped and implemented since 1994, when they took over control of congress. Those policies got far greater support after George Bush's election in 2000. McCain may be a contender for a seat in the oval office, but the much bigger problem is that the many behind-the-scenes party functionaries and their allies will not change if McCain is elected. The basic policies that they have supported all these years will continue, because they have such great influence. That is the problem.

It's easy for Americans to agree on the issues that need to be addressed if America can rebound. Getting the federal budget under control, including the giant unfunded entitlements...implementing a comprehensive energy policy to reduce our dependence on foreign oil...educating our children...moving toward a unified foreign policy stance with our natural allies...rationalizing our health care system. These are the issues that the republicans, as a group, have failed to confront, let alone solve. Who would want four more years of no progress on these critical matters?

Why, given a new McCain presidency, would progress be unlikely? That's easy to answer. It's all about who would gain or lose if change was made. It's obvious the republican movers and shakers don't think fixing these problems are in their best (financial) interests, simply because they've had plenty of opportunity to deal with them during the past seven years. Who would conclude that they've had a major change of heart? Only a fool.

The past few weeks have shown most thinking Americans what the republicans are trying to do in this election - turn it into a soap opera of personalities rather than a discussion of issues. "Problems" don't exist, except for such trivial issues as "earmarks". Their campaigns of outright lies about their own positions and qualifications, along with not-so-subtle appeals to racism and a false claim to ownership of patriotism, are right out there for all to see. Some media are finally getting bold about "outing" this detestable behavior, but there should be a firestorm of outrage!

Obama and his managers need to take off the gloves. They need to put the problems on the front page and explain in simple terms why the republicans have no interest in solving them. They need to call a lie a lie. They need to use McCain's own quotes about "experience" to show how underqualified Palin is. They need to ask the American people if they like the way things are, since a McCain election will bring more of the same. And that's the truth.

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Ron Davison said...

Listening to the radio this morning, waking up, they were talking about the market meltdown. "Four more years" suddenly sounds to me like the lightest sentence for baby boomers thinking they might actually retire this decade. I see that McCain now leads in the polls. Madness. Madness.