Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Golf Update

Did you know that walking 18 holes of golf at a reasonable pace is really good exercise, especially if you do it fairly regularly? Golf is also good for training your body to obey, since the golf ball goes in strange directions if your body can't follow your bidding when you swing. And, golf is great for developing concentration because you need to focus only on the task at hand (the stroke you are making) to avoid considerable embarassment and move the ball to its intended position. These are all the reasons I provide the Good Witch for my frequent disappearances from her life. She knows it's not another woman if the course is open.

Golf season in Rochester, NY, starts in mid-April for the most hardy souls, and by mid-May for most others. The warmer days, cool nights, and decent rainfall makes the grass grow green, thick, and beautiful. By early June the courses are lovely and difficult, and us players are starting to get our games tuned up. My game is on schedule, and I'm a happy guy.

Golf is the best game for men. It challenges our physical skill, provides a group environment for socializing, and takes four hours away from the routine of work. In my experience, only the army or other sports teams can compare with the benefits men get from playing golf with buddies on a regular basis. Women seem to enjoy it as well, but maybe for slightly different reasons.

So, where am I now? Lots of my drives are going 240-260 yards, with over 50% in the fairway. I'm able to hit greens about half the time in regulation. My short game of pitch shots, sand shots, and chips is getting pretty comfortable and productive. My putts are pretty decent, and I'm making a lot of six footer's. That means that I'm able to post a score of about 84-88 most days. The scores are usually hurt by a couple of poorly played holes, but I'm starting to minimize the big mistakes. That means that shooting 80 in June is likely. Hooray!

Next month I'll be 64. There's a good chance that this year will be my best ever for golf - I'll play the game more skillfully than I did when I was much younger and stronger. In what other sport could a man say that?


Ron Davison said...

Maybe I should give golf a second chance. I tried it once but the ball is so small and the course is so big ...

Dave said...

Four hours? Not around here.