Monday, April 07, 2008

Golf Season Opens Tomorrow!

The dollar continues to tank, George Bush has nine more months in office, the Iraq occupation continues unabated, and we've really not got started dealing with climate change or the education problem in America. However, not all is lost: golf season starts tomorrow and Good Witch will lie beside me in bed tonight - both are excellent things.

I belong to the Country Club of Mendon, a "poor man's country club" that costs me about $4,000 each year including the food Good Witch and I consume in the grill room. You can join without an initiation fee. There's no pool, no fancy dining room, and you get a steel locker. However, you also get a 6,600 yard, rolling terrain golf course in excellent condition that challenges your ability to play golf. I can walk on just about anytime other than Saturday and Sunday mornings and be playing within minutes of finishing my warm-up, and it's only eight minutes from my home. I have some buddies there, all hard-working and pretty successful guys who love to walk the course and talk man-talk between shots. Who could ask for more?

This past week the nights have been in the high 20's and mid'30's, but the days have been sunny and increasingly warm. Today it was 66, which to me seems incredibly torrid - I almost brought out the shorts and T-shirt. The grass is just beginning to show some green, and the warm wind has dried out the turf. Hopefully, our course will open on Thursday. In the meantime, my buddies and I will play a nice public course tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. The cycle of summertime life begins again!

You may be wondering why it's so great to sleep next to the Good Witch. Well, last night was spent at the ambulance base where I experienced the luxury of "no calls" for a change. I got six hours of sleep before I got up and worked on the ambulance books for awhile. Now, after a busy day where I went to two of my other jobs I'm home for a good night's sleep in my own bed with GW. But someone has to come when there's an emergency in the night, so two nights each week I sleep in my clothes, ready to be out the door in two minutes. The reward is when someone sees that help has arrived.

So, now that "Dancing With the Stars" is over and the NCAA championship game is well underway, I'm still distracted away from the economy, Bush, the war, climate change and uneducated kids. Unfortunately, those things will be there in the morning and on my mind from time to time as I get a few things done before leaving for Nirvana - the first day on the golf course for this year.


Dave said...

Enjoy. We're ahead of you as to season down here as you know. Sunday I wore shorts but had to keep the wind jacket on.

AND!!! today is the first practice round for the Masters. It is truly golf season.

Eusebius said...

I don't play golf but your post was so heart-warming that you made me feel like I can forget national and local factors that bug me in favor of the joys of marriage and sunshine. Thanks for letting me vicariously play a round of golf through you!

Sonja's Mom said...

I don't play golf either but your post reminds me that there are still good things in life and a reson to get up in the morming. Thank you.

Ron Davison said...

This means that winter is over?! Asked the weather wimp who has been traveling to Indianapolis regularly. How cool is that? (And you're making me think that I really do need to try golf a second time. Sadly, I did not master it the first time.)