Thursday, December 13, 2007

#@%&^**# Democrats!

Another $70 billion with no strings attached! I'm with ThomasLB on this one, and I had my dinner before I read the news, unfortunatly.

The democratic party is a bunch of gutless girly-girls (OOPS!). Actually, they're not even as gutty as gutless girly-girls. No showdown at the OK Corral here, they just roll over, willing to spend $70 billion and more in future Iraq installments while they wait for the next election to put them in power.

Politics trumps morality again...and what's another $70+ billion, except an exclamation point on the Bush deficit? THEY ARE STILL GUTLESS.


Woozie said...

"They are economic girly men!"

ThomasLB said...

I think they stand a very good chance of losing their majorities in the next election. Their base is getting more and more demoralized.

Dave said...

Given my immediate translation of the first "word" in your title, there's one character too many.