Saturday, September 29, 2007

$195 Billion More? No.

President Bush has put forward a supplemental budget request of $195 billion to fund the Iraq occupation and the Afganistan war for the next year.

Just to put that number in perspective:

- It is roughly twice the annual budget for the entire state of California or seven times the budget of Pennsylvania.

- It's also roughly the combined total annual budgets of the U.S. departments of education, transportation, and energy.

- It's greater than the 2005 Gross National Product of Iran ($187 billion).

What else could be done with this incredibly large sum of money? How about:

- Buying every student in the United States a really nice laptop computer?

- Building many desalination plants to provide the American southwest with water from the sea?

- Your suggestion here...

But the problem is that we don't have the $195 billion. Bush is going to borrow it by selling our bonds to the Chinese, or the Arab, governments. They're the ones who have dollars to lend. After they lend it, they will own more of us.

That's right. Bush is going to borrow money from the Chinese and Arabs, then blow it on a war in Iraq. We'll get nothing for it, but we'll owe it.

This insane president needs to be turned down flat! Or, impeached.


Ron Davison said...

Not only is George borrowing from abroad but since he's been in office, the dollar has fallen about 40% against the Euro. That makes this borrowing even more expensive. Impeachment isn't fast enough for him. I say that we spring a quick drug or competency test on him and then throw him out when the results come back.

Life Hiker said...

Ron, I'm beside myself. Here I am, a lifelong conservative businessman with a CPA and an MBA - a rationalist of the first order. But I'm also a veteran who knows more about war than most people. And I know this war was wrong, it is still wrong, and the cost of fighting it is going to be a terrible burden on our country. Our president needs to be stopped - now.

The democrats have to step up and not bring a this spending bill to the floor. Let Bush yell and scream and call them names. He's an idiot and an asshole and poor excuse for a man. Now is the time to put him in his place of dishonor. That is going to be my mission for a while, and I'm going to make as big a stink as I can.

All the rest of you, come on! Now's the time to stand up and fight.

Woozie said...

How about help poor children get health insurance?

Oh wait, that's "fiscally irresponsible."

Dave said...

Life Hiker, I wish it were going to happen; but, it isn't.

The only thing to do is hunker down. Sixteen months. Repeat that as necessary.

Then start worrying about which yahoo is going to replace him.