Thursday, August 02, 2007

Texas Governor Appoints Creationist - What?

My friend ThomasLB ( ) wrote about the Texas governor recently appointing an adherent of creationism to head the Texas education department. Quotes attributed to this guy clearly demonstrate that he's a bonehead. Check out Thomas's post.

I remember being on a fishing boat in Canada with an older gentleman from Ohio. When asked, I said I believed in evolution. He laughed and said, "You believe your granddaddy was a monkey?" The man had no education, so I was not offended. But one would expect the head of a state education department to be educated. Not in Texas.

This surprising development is just one more indication of America's slow march toward mediocrity. When leaders appoint anti-intellectuals to important posts, all learning is demeaned. We are regressing toward a medieval doltishness where priests, now of the Christian fundamentalist persuasion, spout nonsense that sounds good to those who have no learning. Reducing evolution to "making spiders out of rocks" is a catchy phrase, but it's obscene to me.

America does not need foreign enemies. By making decisions like this one in Texas, our leaders are hastening our downfall without any terrorist assistance. They are killing the brains of our children.

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