Friday, June 01, 2007

Reducing Me to Eight

I've been going through a dry spell lately. Personally, good things have been happening so it's not been my mood. However, I'm damn fed up with the war and just about everything about the Bush mal-administration makes me want to throw up - and I'm sick of writing about it. So I'm going to follow my friends RWorld and ThomasLB and do the eight things.

1. I've smoked cigarettes for 40 of the past 45 years, and I still do.
2. Last week I did 25 perfect military push-ups on a dare at the ambulance base.
3. My oldest son's birth certificate says that I was 16 years old and a university student when he was born. That's because I adopted him when he was seven and I was 23 and in school after the Army. Tennessee has some strange adoption conventions.
4. I sucessfully managed a very large systems organization without being able to write a single line of code.
5. I'm currently reading "Sixty Days and Counting", by Kim Stanley Robinson, who I really enjoy and heartily recommend to my readers.
6. Years ago I put a loaded shotgun into my mouth and my finger on the trigger. Then I thought about it for awhile and put it down. I became a different person.
7. One reason I believe in a God is that I think life would be pointless without one.
8. I've been there at the death of about 35 people in my ambulance work, so I have no illusions of immortality and I treasure every day.

That's all, folks!


ThomasLB said...

Those would be eight good topics to expand upon.

Ron Davison said...

I'm with Thomas.

One, I'm with you on the outrage fatigue. How much to say about the commitment to idiocy that characterizes Bush's legacy?
Two, I think that 6, particularly the "different person" dimension, would be worthy of elaboration. thanks.