Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You Got to Know This!

There's a blog called Hullabaloo by Digby, who is apparently a pretty good digger or who has friends who are. I found this, by Digby, via Alternate Brain. (Are there laws about how blog authors need to be attributed? This question is for you, Dave.) At any rate, the information is as scary as just about anything in the Bush administration, excepting DICK and RUMMY, of course. So here goes:

"Last night I noted that Monica Goodling, Alberto Gonzales' senior counsel and white house liason graduated from Pat Robertson's Regent Unicersity law school. Apparently, she did her undergraduate work at someplace known as Messiah University, so it's pretty clear that this 33 year old is a dyed in the wool social conservative who was likely hired for that reason. Apparently, the Bush Emerald City hiring practices were more systemic than we thought: there are more than 150 graduates of Regent University serving in the Bush Administration."

The Attorney General of the United States has a senior counsel who is 33 years old and graduated from Regent University in 1999? Senior counsel and liason to the White House? Messiah College (not University) and Regent University? Certainly Alberto Gonzales found her to be the brightest and most seasoned professional available for this critical job, otherwise he wouldn't have hired her.

Monica got the experience that qualified her for the Gonzales job by serving the Department of Justice as Director of Public Affairs following her hiring by John Ashcroft. That's why it's so surprising that Ms. Goodling will take the Fifth Amendment when she faces the judiciary committee and is asked about details of the process that ultimately fired eight U.S. attorneys. A person with her impeccable pedigree and solid legal background should be capable of eating congressmen and senators for breakfast, don't you think?

Kinda makes you wonder how many other Kirk Sampson's and Monica Goodling's are getting potty training in this administration. Thanks, Digby!


Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting that she claims to be taking the fifth not for crimes she has committed, but for crimes she might commit.

She might lie and commit perjury, so she's taking the fifth to protect heself from herself.

If this is allowed to stand, it will make subpeonas kind of useless, won't it?

Dave said...

I think you have properly cited your sources. As an aside, the "law" of attribution in law school is to use Harvard's "The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation."

Thomas raises an interesting point that I had vaguely thought about when I heard about her refusal to testify.

Politics aside, anyone who is investigated needs to be aware of the fact that prosecuters use whatever they can find to get leverage. Scooter Libby is an example. His crime was lying about what he said and when he said it, or as he put it having a bad memory.

A few years back the Fulton County Prosecuter charged Ray Lewis, an NFL player with murder here in Atlanta. When the day came to try him they didn't have much (any) evidence. He entered a plea to lying to a detective about who had bought a knife that had nothing to do with the murder.

With respect to the lawyerette's refusal to testify, all the committee has to do is give her limited immunity. That trumps the Fifth Amendment. If they really are serious about investigating what happened, and not on a witch hunt for low level players, that is what they will do, but probably after they play her refusal for all the political points it is worth.

Ron Davison said...

Wow. 150 graduates of Pat Robertson University are serving in the Bush administration. What division? The "let's hasten the Armageddon division"? That single fact explains so much. And I feel compelled to repeat: wow.

Chrlane said...

I love living in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Thank G_d there were no Yalies! Oh that's right... George.