Saturday, February 03, 2007

Biden Was Right!

Just like you, I heard the Biden quote about Obama, over and over again. Tsk, tsk! All he did was tell the truth.

He said that Obama was the "first" - meaning the first "legitimate" African-American candidate to run for president from the Democratic Party. Jesse Jackson? Shirley Chisholm? Al Sharpton? And Whoosit's? You got to be kidding! Zero support from the mainstream.

Obama has a chance for the exact reasons that Biden laid out. He has qualities that resonate with the masses of Americans. None of these others did. He is not likely to be the presidential candidate in '08, but he's going to make a solid run and influence the election.

Biden got trashed by the wacko left of the Democratic Party. If the intelligent center of the party doesn't defend him, the independents will be right to step back and see how much more craziness the Democrats will tolerate in this campaign.


Ron Davison said...

What the Democrats don't need to do, 700 days away from election, is already start pruning legitimate candidates. Keeping Biden as a legitimate candidate offers a chance for them to prove that they are after more than the idealistic teenager vote.

ThomasLB said...

I think Biden would have been fine if he hadn't used the word "first."

The problem was that he didn't just say he was the first "legitimate" candidate, he also said he was the first to be "clean" and "articulate," which sort of implies Jesse and Al are dirty, smelly, and incoherent.

But I agree with you- in Biden's own inarticulate way, he meant it as a compliment.

I wish the press covered The Issues with the same intensity that they watch for gaffs!