Monday, December 04, 2006

Abdul Aziz Hakim?

def. "Ignominious" - Marked by shame or disgrace. ex., American president meets with Iraqi factional leader Abdul Aziz Hakim at White House.

It began with "Shock and Awe". I guess it's ending with "Shock and Awe".

Never has America been brought so low in one week. Bush got stood up in Jordan by al-Maliki, who at least was a president. Then he met an Iraqi nobody who dislikes him at the White House. What started out as a short vicious war and "Mission Accomplished" is ending with an American president on his knees begging for a way out. Arrogance and stupidity rewarded with ignominy. America's worst enemies couldn't have scripted such a wonderful outcome - for them!

I'm not gloating over Bush's untidy end. This is all about America, and it's sickeningly sad. How is it that a country with so many intelligent, wise, compassionate, and freedom-loving people can be so screwed by one elected birdbrain? If this past week of infamy is not enough to get us smarter, then nothing will be.

I'll end with a question. Is the media going to describe the past week for what it was (ignominy), or will they leave that to the historians?


Paul G. said...

Answer: It depends on ratings

Thomas LB said...

I think the press is guilty as the President is.

Paul G. is right; if it sells newspapers to glorify the president, they'll glorify him; if it sells newspapers to demonize him, they'll demonize him.

In the run-up to the war, the press was very quick to trumpet the president's line as if it were fact, yet completely ignored the largest anti-war rally in America's history.

Either the press was extremely gullible or the press was complicit, and neither option makes me feel any better.

Ron said...

It seems as though the press is very slow to decide much of anything - slow and cautious. I suppose that is why the blogosphere has gotten so much attention - we have less mass, less momentum, and are less inclined to take three years to decide that something like occupying a Middle Eastern country is a bad idea.