Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cynthia McKinney Must be Chastened

Cynthia McKinney is a major embarassment to the Democratic Party. If her conduct is not repudiated by the House Democrat leadership I fear that much of the public support gained via the Bush administration's total ineptness will be lost. This is a time to stand up for civility and respect for law, and a time to stand against false claims of racism.

Democrats rightfully stand with minorities and the common man or woman, but Cynthia McKinney must not be allowed to escape the consequences of her bad behavior. She is no role model for anyone, and especially not for young black Americans.

If I, as a senior executive in a large company, had walked past a security guard and then slugged him when he stopped me, I would have faced punishment from both the legal system and my company. Cynthia McKinney should have no more opportunity to escape the consequences of such an action than I would have had - none.

The House Democratic leadership has an opportunity to make a statement on this matter and to affect Congresswoman McKinney's standing in the House. Many of us are interested in the choice they make on this issue, and the choice can't help but affect the voter's choices in November. We want to see Democrats take the House, but a House with an unchastened McKinney is tainted.

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